Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend wrap-up + Fashion post

This weekend went by too fast! Sadly it always does and I just say the same thing in my head every Monday. Saturday was fun. We went to my friend's Christmas party at her house and took the kids. They had so much fun and it was fun to mingle with old friends and new friends. I am completely obsessed with the new faux leather skirt I posted about on Friday, and wore it to the party. The purse was a great addition too. The whole outfit was very feminine and comfortable. I just love a great skirt.

Black faux leather skirt: {similar here} I can't find the actual skirt on F21's website for some reason, but I think you can find it in person. There were several in stock. I got a small, but had to sew on to elastics on the back inside for a tighter fit.
Blue gingham blouse:{similar here}
Black purse: {Forever21}
Rhinestone bib necklace: {similar here}
Nude strappy heels: {similar here}I love nude heels. I wear these a lot to events because they are tall, relatively comfortable and go with everything! A nude heel adds length to your look as well.

Sunday we took it easy, and I drove Serena and her friends to a volunteering event which was a gingerbread holiday concert at the Boca Raton resort. Today was yet another morning where we were flying out the door, and the kids were dragging their feet. Layla and Mariam seem to not have that many pants for the cold days we've been having on and off, and I'm over them complaining about wearing the pants they do have, or wanting to wear non-dress code pants to school. I bought 11 pants today. Hopefully that fixes the issue for awhile!

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