Friday, December 7, 2018

Wrapping up the week. What's up weekend?

Hallelujah we made it to Friday....albeit with probably a few more grey hairs, but that's ok. Nothing a little box hair dye can't fix. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of going back to light hair. Obviously not through a box. Hoping to find a good hair dresser here in South Florida that can take me back to light without the brassiness. It's so hard because my hair pulls so much red!

It was like peak brassiness here. Yeesh. I may have to go like blonde just to avoid it, but I'm afraid of how drying it will be. I mean yolo right? Always said I wanted to try blonde once. I still have this outfit. Haha! Will probably pull it out again this month. 

Today was a good day. Drove to my friend's (former neighbor) new house and we walked and talked at 10 am. Afterwards I had to buy a new laundry basket for Serena and then also ran into the mall looking for something in particular. Ended up buying myself a few things.

Looking forward to this weekend. No waking up super early and just a small Christmas party to go to at a friend's house with the family. Serena has a busy schedule though. Tomorrow her and Hank are doing some volunteering at the historical society, and Sunday she's volunteering at the Boca Raton Resort for the Gingerbread holiday concert through Lynn University. 

Cheers to the weekend friends.

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