Monday, December 3, 2018

It's definitely Monday...

Mariam wouldn't get out of bed this morning....It's Monday

Ava was screeching at me to meet her every demand....It's Monday

I let Ava bring her cereal....with milk in the car and it spilled all over one of the seats when I made a sharp turn...It's Monday.

I was trying to multi-task by eating and posting a sale for the business on my phone, and my bagel with cream cheese flipped over and brushed my hair on the way before plopping on my leg...cream cheese side down....It's definitely Monday

I overthink a lot of things, so naturally that would carry over into my writing style these days. I don't want to overthink everything. Writing is all about thoughts and I want to be more intentional when I write. Earlier this year I mentioned that I want to share more about how I manage a family of 6. What it's really like sometimes. What goes on in my head with a million tabs open, So here goes. Here's Monday morning. Today's picture brought to you by getting some chores done while Ava was watching Mickey's Christmas. Thank you Netflix.

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