Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blow Drying Woes..

I may be a stay at home mom now but that doesn't mean I lounge around in my yoga pants and a bare face all day. The time and effort that I spent getting ready for work hasn't changed too much. It's not like I stay at home all the time anyways. Remember there are sometimes errands to run and a school child to pick up. Showing up disheveled is just not me. My motto is when you look good, you feel good!

So yesterday I spent a good 35 minutes...while Layla was napping trying to master a blow out (once again). I'm excellent doing curly/wavy hair. I've got that down! Straight bouncy hair, mehh not so much. I had my hair colored recently and I love the way my hair looks whenever they blow dry it. Much to my dismay, it never comes out the way they do it. I can achieve a blow out look but I'd have to use either velcro curlers or my curling iron.

I normally blow dry my hair upside down, but this time I applied Moroccan oil and blow dried in sections with a large round brush. Twisting a little here and throwing a little there.

This is as good as it got people. Boooo

 ..and my hair is darker than I wanted it to be. Double boooo.

I want to achieve a blowout a la Kate Middleton, but it's not happening. No sir. Well not with these hands anyways.

Any tips? Good YouTube videos? Or is achieving a nice blowout sort of like a massage, you can do it to yourself all day long but you're not going to achieve relief/results unless someone else does it?


  1. I like the way your hair came out better than Kate's. :) Very pretty!

  2. You look great. =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  3. kate's hair look so nice, yours better!!

    x o hun,

    girl, check, follow, whatever you like:

  4. I think your hair is gorgeous! And that top bun a few posts down? You totally rock that:) So happy I found your blog!

  5. Your hair is AWESOME. I actually kind of think it's better than Kate's... (but don't tell her I said that :) Beautiful blog!


  6. I honestly think that your hair looks amazing!!
    But I have heard many times that Kate does her own hair, and I too would love to know her secrets. xx

  7. you are a very very beautiful woman

  8. It's so hard to do your own hair. Having my hair washed and blown dry is my heaven!!

  9. oo your hair is so pretty!

    and ps your babies are pretty cutie patootie!


  10. Still pretty even if it didn't turn out how you wanted. Blow outs are my biggest challenge too... just can't seem to get the bounce, or the silky, smooth texture. Oh well, maybe some day! By the way I'm a new follower and I can't wait to read more :) xo