Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Serena!

Serena was a November baby. I remember that being pregnant with her was easy. I only gained 12 pounds and even the labor wasn't that hard. I labored for about 5 hours and pushed for 15 minutes. All of this is a far cry from being pregnant and birthing Layla. That's for tomorrow's post though.

I'll never forget seeing Serena once she was all cleaned up. Why it was like I birthed myself. It was uncanny how much she looked like me when I was a baby. Over time her features have changed a bit but she still looks alot like me.

I was blessed that Serena was an easy baby. She slept through the night and hardly ever gave me a hard time. I was lucky enough that I had my mother to watch her once I went back to work and then had family members available once my mom couldn't watch her anymore. I didn't have to put her in daycare till she was 3.

Currently Serena is in the third grade. She's so smart and very creative. She is in her second year of ballet and she loves crafting and playing teacher. She also likes to talk. Boy does she like to talk! She's a sweet girl and I don't have to worry about her much but omg the talking. It's at school too and sometimes there is some sassiness that I find myself praying for patience. I'm pretty sure 9 yrs old is the most annoying age but I said that about 8. One of my friend's said it's just going to get worse from here. She will be hitting those tween years soon.

Help me!

Anyways, how about some pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have any baby pictures on this computer. Pretty much all of them are in print. Remember this was 9 yrs ago and any pregnancy pictures well those are pretty much non existant. I only have a few left.

Here is Serena starting at about 3 and a half, ending with a Christmas picture from 2011.

 She loves her baby sister and is a huge help. We wanted a reasonable gap between the girls but Layla took alot longer than expected. Many times we felt that Serena would be an only child forever, but God knew what he was doing the whole time. He answered our prayers in his time and I'm thankful for the gap. Things are just as they should be.


  1. She is beautiful & you should be very proud! I had someone (with a tween) warn me not to teach my daughter to talk or I would regret it! :) Isn't that funny?!?! My Mom is my best friend & I hope my daughter & I are the same way when she's older!

  2. You're adorable! And you do not look old enough to have a 9 year old daughter!

  3. Thank you. ;) I appreciate it more now than ever as I approach the big 3-0.