Thursday, April 12, 2012

Layla's Pictures!

We took Layla to have pictures taken this past Saturday and she did a great job! She did so well. She didn't cry or fuss so it went so smooth. I was happy that we also got the pictures back the same day.

We went with three poses and I can't wait to hang them up. I didn't get a CD of the images but I snapped two of them with my iphone so don't mind the qaulity.

You can sort of see some redness under her lip. She still has the bad habit of tucking in her bottom lip. She used to really make it raw but it's gotten alot better. Her little side curls crack me up. I think she will probably have wavy hair. Mine was super straight as a child but H's is very curly. Serena has straight hair. That still has time to change too though a little. Around high school, my hair started getting wavy in parts. My hair is weird. I can't let it just air dry because it's a mess. It does hold curl best though and when it's straight, it wants to start waving up quickly.

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