Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pretty baby dress..

Is that a witty title or what?!  I'm so creative today.


Today we are taking lil miss Layla to have some professional pictures taken. The last time she had some done was when she was a newborn. So these are sort of her 1 yr/easter pictures/just because pictures. She just turned 11 months yesterday. Can you believe it?

Well of course you all can, but I can't. How is this little baby about to be a year in a month? She's still like a little tiny baby to me!

 I found her a dress at Target that she will look super adorable in for her pictures. Actually Serena found it first. I also bought her some white bows and white shoes to go with it.

A minute later Layla moseyed on over..

Hopefully she cooperates during her pictures. I can't wait to see them. Have a great easter everyone.


  1. This post is great! I'm new here...decided to say hi and not be a lurker. :) Love your blog so far- off to check out the rest of it! Have a wonderful week, sugar. xo

  2. I saw that dress at Target yesterday, and bought it in white! Soo cute :)