Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thoughts on sisters and kids...

Serena is the best big sister to Layla. I don't know how I'd do it sometimes without her. She is such a huge help in the evenings when I'm trying to get dinner cooked or when I need to get other things done that would be too hard with Layla.

Serena waited a long time to be a sister and while she loves it, I was a little worried that she would see baby number 3 as a burden only because she has seen that babies aren't always that easy, and maybe she feels that she would have to share me again. Thankfully she is excited! She said she hopes it's a boy so that daddy has someone on his side lol.

I'm pretty sure this is our last baby. H said regardless if it's another girl he'll want to be done.

Works for me! I want to be done having kids by 30 and that milestone is coming soon, so after we have this one would be a good time to stop. We'll see where the wind blows us. ;)

So tell me, if you have kids or don't have kids, how many do you want to have?


  1. I don't have kids but I always imagined myself having two.

    You know, just so I wouldn't be out-numbered :)

  2. I always said I wanted like 6 kids but now I'm realizing just how long a pregnancy is and wondering how ladies do it in addition to chasing around older children. Maybe 3? I definitely don't want an only child, so at least 2 would be a blessing :)

  3. I love that picture :) We are one and done. That makes us pretty unusual apparently, but both my husband and I only wanted one, and having our daughter only cements those feelings deeper. Thank GOODNESS to being on the same page as your partner!!

  4. I want four and my husband wants two. We decided three would be great. We've been trying for #1 for over a year and a half though, so just having one would be a blessing.