Friday, October 26, 2012

Body after baby...

Let's face it, most of us aren't going to have a personal trainer on hand ready to call upon after we have a baby. Chances are we aren't even going to be motivated to work out due to being sleep deprived. You don't want to work out too fast anyways until it's cleared by your doctor. Jumping too quick into an exercise regimen after a baby can cause long term effects--and not in a good way.
When I had my first I was barely 20 and I had youth on my side. Not that I'm not still youthful now, but this is 10 years later people. I had lost all my weight within the first week. I had only gained 12 lbs as it was. I liked my body after giving birth. Being slight my whole life, I felt it added some curves I didn't notice before. Muscle tone was always easy to put on since I played sports most of my life, but this was different. I felt more womanly. 2 years after I had Serena I started playing soccer again and I was even happier with my body--and proud that I was doing this after having a baby.
I quit soccer because we were having difficulty conceiving Layla, but still tried to stay active here and there. With Layla I gained 35 lbs and wasn't crazy about my postpartum body. My belly was huge pregnant with her (like I am now) and it took about 3 months to lose all the weight. By 4 months postpartum I started rapidly dropping the weight. I got too skinny and my clothes were hanging off me. I was back at work at this time so I'm sure being sleep deprived, busy and stressed wasn't helping. I gained some weight but it was hard until this recent pregnancy. (9 months postpartum I was already pregnant again)
The challenge I see myself having this time is my belly. Around 8 months postpartum I was barely targeting my stomach and then got pregnant so I never got to see it toned and flat again between these two babies. I know that I would bend over and it would still wrinkle around the belly button, and if I got too full, you could see roundness. Sort of like my intestines hadn't fully moved back into position. That's why shortly after this baby, I plan on getting a belly wrap. My mom told me to wrap my belly after I had Layla but I didn't listen. I thought I'd have no issue like with my first.
So the plan after this baby is to start with something not too strenuous like yoga and pilates coupled with walking and then move onto toning followed by ab work once my abdominal muscles have gone back into position.


  1. I want to know if this belly wrap really does work wonders because everyone has been telling me to get one but I'm hesitant to try it.

  2. I used a belly wrap after this baby and it did wonders. My tummy went back to shape so much quicker than it did after my first child.

  3. Let us know how you like it! I'm worried how my tummy will look after Harper is born...3 babies in 3 years is a lot. I lost all of weight and then some between my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy and was a little more toned than I was after my first I was pregnant by the time my first was 4 months old so there was hardly any time for my belly to recover in between. I'm sure you'll look fabulous walking out of that hospital :)


  4. I'm jealous!! This is my first baby, I gained 50 pounds and I still have 25 to loose & i'm two months postpartum. lets face it though i'm not really excercising, but I'm defiantely eating right & taking walks. It's so discouraging sometimes :( You are already super small!! I was super small, but I'm really short :(

    1. I'm short too at 5'1. Short people unite yay! Lol

      You'll get there. You are barely 2 months postpartum. It takes time! Also your body is still working out those pregnancy hormones. My issue with rapidly losing weight after 4 months was because of post partum induced thyroiditis. I knew something was up with my weight, mood, sleep disturbance, etc. My doctor ran a few tests and told me this was it. It resolved itself.

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