Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm walking and I'm talking

Can I just say how much I enjoy watching Layla walking. Lot's of people say that it's easier when a toddler isn't walking, but it has been easier. She's having lot's of fun and I just love her little pigeon toed walk. Also, Layla turned 17 months this week and she has really taken off with her talking. She repeats a lot of things we say to her with the best of her ability, and her little chipmunk voice is so cute.
I've been wondering about how she's going to be with the new baby. I'm so curious. She often pats my belly, but she has no clue there is a baby in there. Serena sometime remarks "Oh great, there's going to be another little baby in the house stealing the attention." She is excited though.


  1. I totaly know what you mean. It does get a bit easier because you don't constantly need to carry them. But now you have to run after them, lol. Ah every stage has the good and bad, but it all passes by way too fast :)


  2. aww they grow so quickly!! i'm sure it's so fun to see her walking around like that!