Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The state of the uterus & what's in my hospital bag...

So I had an OB appt and ultrasound yesterday and everything looked great. The ultrasound tech spent a good amount of time showing us our little girl and we even got to see one of her squishy legs. Like you can see where she has a little fat roll already! Little chunker. :)
Her estimated weight is 7lbs 1 oz and I'm 1 and a half centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. She's head down but still a little high up. When my OB was doing the internal she said she could stretch me to about 2 centimeters and I could start feeling the pressure, but I was like "noooo thanks!" I'm still traumatized from having my membranes swept last pregnancy. Really it was one of the single most painful things I have ever experienced. We'll just let this baby girl come on her own accord. Preferably next week.
I started packing my bag this past Sunday and here's what I've got:
{Comfy Express t-shirt, ribbed maternity tank, lounge pants, lotion and toiletries. Not pictured are things like contact stuff, nursing bras, robe, and hair stuff.}

{Babies get cold so I'm taking her little leggings and a couple of tops. I have some cute newborn dresses, but I doubt she will fit into any of them. They didn't fit Layla last year. I don't think I'll use the hot pink headband since it doesn't match anything, but I plan on adding a little bow to the cap. Also taking a pair of socks, mittens for scratching, burp clothes and blanket.}
You really don't need a whole lot of stuff going into have a baby. The hospital provides you with most of what you need. I also need to remember to take my camera, phone charger, and a book or magazines.
I can't believe she is almost here. I set up her bassinet the other day and it just feels so surreal. ...:sniff....sniff:...



  1. Look at her cute little lips! I love her bassinet, where is it from?

    1. Thanks. :) I bought it used from craigslist when we had Layla but the brand is called safety 1st. I was on the hunt for a wooden bassinet with a pretty ivory covering, but I didn't want to spend too much on it since I wasn't sure if Layla was going to like it. As it was, she only slept in it for the first month and then she didn't take to it anymore. It took awhile of searching to find it, but when we did, it was in great condition and we just switched out the little mattress.

  2. Her outfits are adorable. Good luck and hoping she comes soon!

  3. cute coming home outfit for the little one! I hope you are feeling okay--- sounds like you are well on your way there :) hope delivery goes smooth!

  4. keep us posted!! you're in the home stretch!!

  5. I'm totally confused about what to pack in my hospital bag so this post really helped me out. Thanks!!

  6. awe I bet your so anxious & ecstatic. Almost time. Can't wait to see this little sunshine!!